I am a sex and relationship therapist located in Portland, Oregon. My private practice is focused on helping people curious about and/or practicing consensual/ethical non-monogamy, solo poly, relationship anarchy, and any alternative relationship style. I am BDSM/kink-aware and LGBTQIA+ friendly. I am invested in helping this community. It is a privilege to help people define and feel empowered about their sexuality. I hope to be a part of the normalization of our bodies, desires, and behaviors.

I am a Native American (Comanche), cisgender woman who originated from the Midwest. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology in May 2011. I went to the East Coast and graduated with a Master of Social Work in May 2014 and Master of Education in Human Sexuality in August 2014. I made my way to the Pacific Northwest and have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Oregon since February 2019. I have been an LCSW Supervisor since February 2021.

For more information on my work experience, check out LinkedIn. If you are interested in a local consensual/ethical non-monogamy community, I recommend checking out OPEN Northwest. If you are seeking referrals for sexuality professionals, I recommend searching on the AASECT directory. For more local mental health professionals, I recommend searching on the Portland Therapy Center directory.